Varicose vein causes and treatment

The condition in which the veins appear enlarged, swollen, twisted or discolored is referred as varicose veins. It is usually seen in thighs and in veins over the calf muscles and measure about 3 millimeters or more. Varicose vein occurs mostly for women above the age group of 50 than in men. There are many hospitals that specialize in treating varicose vein. If you want to look up hospitals that treat Varicose veins in your area, just use a search engine to find the list of hospitals. For instance, if you live in orange county search, Varicose veins Orange County to find the list of hospitals near you.

Varicose vein causes itching which even leads to open sores and can be quite painful. Exact cause of varicose vein is still unknown but explained with some theories by researchers.
The veins get enlarged because of the excess weight that is transferred to the leg and begin to dilate. Obese persons and people who are prone to stand for long periods of time are at high risk of getting varicose vein. The blood which returns from the leg veins to the heart is done with the help of velvets present in the leg veins. When these velvets fail to work or become weak the blood gets accumulated in the leg veins which get enlarged.

It also occurs when the veins are weak as they are prone to stretch easily. Women produce hormones during their pregnancy period which causes the walls of the vein to get thin hence they are at more risk. Some studies argue that the vein strength and characteristics may also be inherited and hereditary plays a factor on the probability of the disease occurring.

Arterio venous shunts are created by special hormones secreted during pregnancy, menopause and puberty. These arterio venous shunts cross the capillaries and thereby veins weaken. The high blood pressure also causes the veins to weaken and makes the valves to enlarge. The exact treatment to cure the varicose vein is not available but still there are few measures to treat symptomatically.
A surgical treatment to cure the varicose called as vein stripping, is done under local anesthesia or even partial. In this surgery a thin and flexible substance is inserted into the affected vein and placed in the part of the body affected by varicose vein. While removing the flexible substance the varicose vein is also removed from that affected part.

Severe varicose veins are treated with procedures correcting the veins internally which are referred as endovenous. A device is inserted endogenously in both the surgeries. But this surgery is not much invasive like vein stripping and the patient need not stay in the hospital for a long time post surgery. In this procedure the varicose vein is closed by radio frequency energy that is transmitted by the special catheter inserted into the vein. Later the veins turn into a scar and after one week the scar begins to fade. The person can get back to normal work after one week.

Sclerotheraphy is a commonly used procedure which doesn’t require anesthesia. In this procedure a special solution is inserted into the vein and the veins are sealed. Additional treatments are also required.