Practicing Yoga

Health Benefits Of Practicing Yoga

Yoga has been practiced since time immemorial for the holistic well-being of the practitioner. As an ancient science that affords physical, mental and spiritual health, yoga is highly regarded by all these days. But, people are yet to fully comprehend the physical benefits of practicing yoga regularly. It is not unusual to find people think of yoga as just a relaxing and de-stressing technique. Here, we are attempting to brief you about the health benefits of yoga. You can also read yoga burn review for a more detailed understanding.

We have taken inputs from to give more clarity to the points that are listed here. Let’s go through these important but uncommon facts regarding yoga. Here, we will check how yoga coupled with healthy food habits can help fight obesity seen widely in people today.

Stimulate your liver
Liver, being the detoxifier of our body, should be in a good condition for our wellness. It purifies our blood and processes our fat- both the good and the bad variety. It also provides energy by storing glucose. Yoga can help restore the vitality of your liver through certain postures or asanas like Bhujangasana and Chakrasana.

Correct the functioning of your thyroid gland
Hypothyroidism is a common cause of obesity. The thyroid gland produces a hormone that regulates the rate at which our fat is burned. A person with hypothyroidism will have a low metabolic level resulting in fat accumulation. Sarvangasana and Matsyasana are considered as the ideal postures to correct this abnormality.

Maintain the pH balance
Most people who have a weight gain problem are too acidic. They have low pH which causes the body to store up fat to save itself from the excess acid. The visceral fat that gets accumulated in the arteries and veins clog them and slows down the blood flow through them. The heart will try to compensate by working harder till it can't go on any further resulting in a cardiac arrest. A pH balance of around seven should be maintained by the body. Pashimottanasana and Janushirasana are ideal for increasing alkalinity.

Strike the right balance
The nervous system is usually subjected to a lot of abuse due to our lifestyle related choices. At work and at home we are increasingly finding it difficult to strike that proper balance which will soothe our mind and body. The best postures that are suggested to restore this balance in your nervous system are Savasana and Viparita Karani.

Actively move your body
Your muscles are active tissues which when put to work eats up your fat. Any yoga posture that actively works your muscles are hence good for weight loss. These muscles will use your fat even while you are not working out. Arm balancing postures are excellent for engaging muscles in different parts of your body. The most useful ones are Bakasana and Pincha Mayurasana.

If you practice yoga consistently and correctly, and under the guidance of a good yoga teacher, you will be able to experience the difference in your body soon enough. The flexibility and the soothing effect it imparts are added advantages.