Do Nitric Oxide Supplements Work? An Evidence-Based Review

The preferred choice among body builders for quick and efficient muscle building has always been Nitric oxide supplements but is they really worth the hype they create? Do you often wish for bulging and strong biceps and triceps? And nothing seems to give you the results you crave for? Read on to find more about this miraculous product that several body builders rely on. Let us discuss about the best no supplement, as we discuss here about body building and its related supplements.

Scientists after conducting years of research have found the perfect product to give you the exact results you look for. It is nothing but Nitrous Oxide, the supplement that is popular worldwide by hard core body builders. Is it yet another supplement that is flooding the market or does it give you the desires results? Read this article to know the truth so that you can decide for yourself.

Nitric Oxide supplements do not contain nitric oxide. Instead they contain other variations of the amino acid arginine The amino acid is actually used to amplify nitric oxide levels in blood. Most of nitric oxide supplements are sold mainly as components that build muscles. Increasing the supply of nitric oxide in the body has shown to increase the flow of blood to different veins in the body. Increased blood flow in the body also increases nutrient delivery which is shown to improve protein synthesis rates. This is the reason that arginine and nitric oxide supplements are often considered as the alternative to steroids and are considered safe too.

Another factor of arginine is that it has the ability to increase the production of growth hormones with regular exercise. It is has been proven that with increase of nitric oxide other elements such as arginine and citrulline lead to an increase in hormones there by helping to build more muscles.

According to a study conducted by a leading university the effects of dosages 5 times per week for 12 weeks was studied along with a standard prescribed diet by medical practitioners.

The result of the study was that the exercise-caused an increase in hormones like testosterone, growth hormone, but they continued to remain within normal ranges. The major problem with arginine is that as a nitric oxide booster and ergogenic air is poor reliability. It explains why nitric oxide is a huge hit and a miss sometimes. Instead of preferring all these, the amino acid citrulline can be used. It is converted in to arginine in kidneys and results in increase of arginine levels, which leads to tiredness due to exercise.

Several decades of research has proved that nitric oxide increases the performance of the workout and it helps in getting the desired results quickly. You can add these supplements along to your regular workout without any negative effects. A realistic view is if a nitric oxide supplement can help one train harder over workouts, and if one actually takes advantage of it by pushing oneself in training, then one can make more progress than if one hadn’t taken it. If you want to build muscles regularly then you should eat and exercise properly along with taking additional supplements.